About Celeste and Jesse Forever

The movie introduced me with a song from Lily Allen titled Littlest Things in the very beginning of the movie. And I immediately fell for that song, and directly go to my opera mini, searched it and downloaded it #hehe. It’s the best part of the movie I think. The opening credits showed us the flashes of two couple called Celeste and Jesse. Tell about two childhood friends later got married and then divorced. How they face the life after divorced and live a life like usual like nothing happened between them. Till one of them got sick of each other and decided to live His life, His new life and He want to make it happened with His new girl friend later His future wife who has his child. It was Jesse. And Celeste didn’t seem can get over it. She’s being jealous, but felt guilty about Jesse or maybe regrets.


Quote : do you want to be RIGHT OR HAPPY?




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