Our short trip

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Well, yah, setelah agak lama absen nge-blog, karena gak ada mood dan gak ada yang bisa diceritain juga, sekarang saya putuskan untuk mengawali karir blogging saya kembali. Karena saya tahu, nge-blog itu bikin saya bisa melatih skill menulis saya. Yang nantinya pasti saya perlukan.

Oh iya, mengenai foto-foto ala tongsis diatas, saya sebenarnya mau cerita tentang foto-foto itu dan liburan singkat, padat dan melelahkan ala saya dan dua teman saya tersebut.

Dan dengan segenap kekuatan bulan saya akan mencoba menceritakannya dengan bahasa inggris saya yang pas pas-an. Loh, bahasa Indonesia aja masih belepotan kenapa pake bahasa Inggris segala sih Tan?

YA, maklum tuntutan jaman dan trend. Hehe, kidding deh. Mau coba aja, kenapa sih?, kepo banget. Yowes, karena saya juga gak bisa bahasa jawa dan cuma sedikit bisa eh gak bisa deh bahasa sunda. Maka dari itu, saya mau coba pakai bahasa internasional itu. Sekali lagi ini tuntutan jaman sodara-sodara.

Yesterday, yes, just 12 hours ago or more. We went to Bogor. We mean that I’m not alone. I’m not single. But in fact, I’m single. Just for yesterday, I’m not alone anymore. lol kidding.

I, and my friends which are Sangyun eonnie and Chella, my best friend ever decided for long time ago to have a trip tp Bogor. Because, Sangyun Eonnie, my friend from South Korea would like to visit Bogor, and I offered her to accompany her trip to Bogor. WOW, finally, I got a friend from another country. I’m very happy for having her as my first foreign friends, actually not the first, but She became the first one that close to me. The other ones are not too close as her.

And guess what? She’s from South Korea! wow, what a coincidence. I love Korean. and their k-pop, culture and many more. I knew her from this awesome place. For having friends who can exchange languages for free, I called awesome, very awesome place to meet new people.

And I give my big thanks to my friend Saori-san who taught me this web. So, back to the line. Our trip was exhausting yet fun. I enjoyed.

I took a train from Pondok Cina station which is in Depok and We met at Bogor station because Eonnie went from UI station and We were in the same train. But we decided to meet up at the Bogor station because We separated, and not too difficult for me to recognize her. Because She looks different from us. And well, we have to walk from the station to Kebun Raya Bogor, because it’s not too far from it and I think taking angkot was a bad idea, especially in Bogor, oh I hate that. Even in Jakarta, Angkot is not my style lol. before we go, We decided to have something to eat and We have Soto Mie for our late lunch. Not so good, because I forgot the place my sister mention in Bogor, that has good taste of Soto Mie Bogor. So, It’s just because we’re starving.

And, yeah, I like walking better in Bogor. Because, It really nice to be walking in Bogor. It’s not like in Jakarta or Depok. The weather is hot of course but it has fresh air, not that fresh like it used to be, but it’s better than sitting in angkot for long time if you can walk in the street and feel the air. Much better.

I’ll make it short. There’s nothing special in Kebun Raya, We walked for maybe one or two hours, We went to see Rafflesia Arnoldi but in wrong time. Then We went to the famous bridge which is Jembatan Merah and it’s mitos. After that, something happened. really happened. My phone fell down and it didn’t work anymore, the LCD was broken and WOW, I got the bad feeling and good feeling about it. The bad is, my data. It’s more important than anything else and the good one is, It’s my chance to change my old phone, I got a plan btw, I want to change it because it sucks already. But, it still working good. SO, this is for bad or good? I don’t now, but I felt nothing. But now, I feel boring without it.

Well, We decided to go home because it’s 2.30 pm already. And We’re feel hungry. And we have to deal with people in that crowded place called bogor station.


We arrived at Pocin safely. And We decided to have a meal in my house. Yep, eonnie is crazy for Bakso near my house. She had two bowls of bakso and She said this is the most delicious bakso she ever had. And I’m happy She like it.

Finally, We got home. and we talked all night before she went home. She talked much than me. And now I know Her better. And She trust Her little secret to me and I told Her about my secret too. I love being trusted. I like listening to others stories. It means alot for me.

Starting from now, We agreed to help each other on languages. She helps me with English and I’ll help her with Bahasa. That’s why I came here to tell my story with English, because I want to be serious about it. I want to learn as many languages as I can. And I want to focus first for English. And Wish me luck for my first day on college on September.

I promised, I’ll write everything here. When I get a chance.





  1. Karena tuntutan jaman qaqa. Lol. Sumpah gue juga gatau kenapa

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