This is so much like me


Look at those picture at gemini part! That’s me…!

Kampret emang tapi ya itu hidup gue sekarang. Gue emang gak percaya sama yang namanya ramalan zodiak, cuma terkadang kalo yang lucu dan menjurus kayak gini ya gue keep. Haha!

Well, gue rasa memang hidup gue hampir 90% itu fiksi aka fantasi. I’m not saying that I don’t live my life properly but it just the way it is. I live within two worlds. The world between fiction and real world. In fiction world I could be somone else, live someone’s life, feel someone’s pain. However there must be an end in fiction, It could be happy, sad, tragic or open ending just like a movie or novel. Everytime my fiction life ended, I have to find another one, and do it again till I reach an ending. I can never stop, I can’t help it. I want to put a stop on it someday but I don’t know when and how. I feel like there is no cure for me. I’m just no one but fiction in my real life with no ending. 

My friends was telling me this beforehand. They said I must change the way I live now or never. Though, I was changing a bit but now I’m getting worse. I can’t even live my own life, I can’t tell me my own story. I don’t care about my future. I just passing the time and getting older. 

What should I do?


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