Spoiler Alert..!

I don’t usually give spoiler out for free. I mean, I hated when someone spoiled some movie’s ending or novel’s ending. It makes me don’t have desire to continue watch or read it anymore.

But, recently I became spoiler-proof. I don’t know how to call it but I think I’m sick of spoiler people around me. Not to mention one but it can be anyone. I don’t give a damn about spoiler anymore. My life is full of spoiler though.

Well, actually in this very post, I’m not going to talk about spoiler. It just intermezzo. What I want to talk about is movie. As usual. In my recent post, I was talking about that movie. One of them. Yes, I just found out the similarity of those movies. Here is another movie that I want to talk about here:

Yeaaaaah! Finally, I’ve got to watched this movie. I love every scenes of this movie. I love how Sam Claflin as William Traynor and Emilia Clarke as Louisa Clark done with it. They’re gorgeous. They’re meant to be together #at least in the movie#

Even if I haven’t finished reading the novel, I think I’m satisfied with this movie. I can feel that Lou is Emilia and Will is Claflin for real here. I have to continue reading it, I’m on it.

But the ending, omg. How could I watched the movie that have similar ending with Aashiqui 2? Both male lead role choose death instead of their lovers..!

I feel bad for Aaroohi and Clark. They, Ladies don’t deserve it. Even if I know the reason why the male leads choose death over love, Still, It’s hard to understand.

I’m pretty sure they will be happier with their lovers. But, in Will case, at least Will can spend more time with Lou, even if I know it will be painful, But give it a chance. Well, after all, both of the movies are good ones. Best ones.

One from India or Bollywood and the other from English.


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