Dramaqueen’s daily life

Long time no post…!!

Exams’ week almost over, but I can’t seem to focus on studying because of some reasons.

The first one is, I’m not into study at all, yeah, I’m not a study person, I mean, I’m not the type who study hard right before exam. Usually, I just want to know my ability to solve the exams based on my own skills, mostly I’m studying while doing my exams. Well, That’s not recommended for you but this is just how I am.

The second one is, this week is our year end holiday, so, I should be peacefully relaxing on my home or go somewhere for holiday (usually, the first one) but for final exams I have to at least pretend that I’m studying, but eventually I ended up just opened my book and went back to my laptop or mobile phone.


Then, I have a kitty name Molly in my house. He is so active and asks me to play whenever He sees me. I can’t resist him, so, I forgot my study and then just played with him instead.

The next reason is, I can’t get over “Goblin” yeah, that famous Korean drama is lingering my head almost every single day. I keep on watching them, Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook over and over again, every single episode until the new episode that will be released every Friday night and Saturday night. Unlike the other drama that I have watched,  I’m even staying up late just for watching it. That doesn’t sound like me at all. I’m so obsessed with “Goblin”. The story line, the acting of the actors and actress are melted together and also the OSTs that are DAEBAKK!!! I don’t know what I have said but that’s what I feel about Goblin.

The best part of the drama of course the OST for me. They are beautiful and I can’t stop listening to them. I hope this drama will end beautifully. I don’t mind if the ending is sad or open-ending but it should be makes sense. I’d rather cry than watch an unreasonable ending just because some people want the ending to be like this or that. I heard the writer-nim is a good writer and please do it as you please, I will accept everything as long as is reasonable and makes sense. Well, I think I have talked too much about sort of things. I should get some sleep now. And finally my Friday is coming! I can’t wait for tonight’s new episode of Goblin. I hope my internet is not so bad and there is some quota left for me to download it, ups, sorry I watch it illegally but I have no choice. I’m not living in Korea and don’t even know Korean. But later on, I will try my best to understand Korean and so I can watch it without English subtitle.

Bye and Sweet dream.


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