About ICAS?

Have you ever heard about ICAS? What is ICAS? Why ICAS? and How is ICAS?

In 2012, the first time I heard about the word “ICAS”. It sounds unfamiliar for me. I never heard that before or even spoke or read about that. ICAS for me is like an alien, so strange. Then, day by day, I learnt about it. Well, not in the particular way in learning, since ICAS is not a subject but ICAS is a tool. Through my co-workers, later that I knew ICAS is a competitions and an assessments for schools. What is that? what is it so important? Yes, ICAS is important because ICAS is my job. At least that’s what I know back then.

Now, in 2017, almost for five years I have been dealing with the word “ICAS” and its routines, promotion-registration-test dates-workshop-conference-MPC. ICAS is like pill to swallow, still hard for me to convince the school to join ICAS. My point is, This is a good tool for school to know better about their students yet no one pay good attention about it. ICAS is like a second choice, an option.

Unless you are their teacher, you will never know your students abilities or skills. Even if you have spent almost your time with your students, there is no guarantee that you know it for yourself. Here, ICAS, maybe for some students help them to speak their minds. In my own persfective, ICAS is an easy tool for school or teacher to know their student well. I’m not bragging about ICAS, but as an “outsider” ICAS report will help  you much, if you really understand about it.

I don’t want to talk about what ICAS really is, you can just visit their website here and there. There are so much explanation about ICAS there. All I want to do is just speak my mind up. What I think about ICAS? Why I’m still here typing word by word about what I think about it. I’m not an expert and I’m nothing but a part of ICAS team. I’m not good as marketing but all I know is everything is made for a reason, and of course ICAS is made for one good reason. Which is for you, who want to understand it and be a part of it.



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