Duolingo~ fun learning apps


I would like to share one of must-have learning apps that I use in my smartphone, It runs so well both on android and ios. It called “duolingo”. Maybe you are familiar with this app or maybe you are not. Let me tell you something, I use it both for fun and also for learning. Duolingo is easy to use and very simple.

There are many courses here and as I recall, almost all of the facilities are free for standard use only. I use it for learning French. And It’s very helpful for me who is beginner or newbie. Just like a game, I play “duolingo” in my spare times. It helps me so much even if it just for simple conversation, or just word by word. At least now I know how French works. Well, I don’t know whether “duolingo” will help you as it helps me. But, be my guest, It is worth-a-try.

Well, that’s enough for today, next time I will share more apps or maybe tutorial or anything that useful. I hope you enjoy it.




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