Chicago Typewriter Review

It has been a long time since Goblin as I can remember, stuck in a limbo, I don’t have any desire to watch the ongoing drama and prefer to watch the old ones. Like, Goblin left me behind with all my appetite for drama, new drama. Goblin, well said, maybe my most favorite drama for a decade. There is no such thing like Goblin. The story line, the feeling, the atmosphere, the actors, the OSTs, all entire episodes of Goblin left me with hangover. Hangover for Goblin. I want more Goblin but I think, one Goblin must be enough for me, for us who like korean drama. Goblin is one of a kind. And then, I decided burry Goblin deep inside my heart to welcome the new one, however, move on is not an easy task to do. It tooks years maybe for Goblin to rest in peace in our heart. Like the OSTs still remain in our playlist in our hearing, like a lullaby, accompany sleep.

Case closed for Goblin, I’m not going to look back anymore, I have to move one, I will. Now, there is one drama that stole my heart which is Chicago Typewriter. From the same tv network with Goblin, tvN, well-known for its “unique” dramas. I love the story, the cast members, the ost, the storyline hmm~ I can say that Chicago Typewriter can be my first move after Goblin (since Tomorrow’s With You was not working for me).  I will start with the writer first, the screen writer is Jin Soo Wan who wrote:


And she won Best Screenplay (“The Moon Embracing The Sun”) – 2012 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2012. Hmm~ I can feel the vibrate of a good storyline here. Look at the drama that she made, especially The Moon Embrace The Sun which is my favorite, however, Kill me Heal me is a good one too but I’ve never watched it before. My expectation high up by seeing those good drama. I hope CT will be the next drama that leave me with a good memory like Goblin. Sadly, I have to go now, I will continue write about this drama later. See yaa


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