Ms Coffee & Ms. Tea

I’m Ms. Coffee & Ms. Tea. I love both coffee and Tea. The most important things for me to start the day or maybe call it a day. I don’t really drink water though, I know that’s unhealthy but seriously, you can’t get away from those magical drinks.

As for coffee, there are numerous types of coffee around the world and how they’re made. I don’t really careabout the type or where it comes from as long as the coffee meet my expectation. I don’t like sugar on my coffee but sometimes I add some brown sugar in it. It goes the same for tea. I realized that adding some sugar into tea or coffee may ruin the original taste of it. So, I decided to put sugar away from my coffee or tea. You can eat some chocolate or cookies instead to avoid the bitterness of coffee and tea. Or maybe you just love it that way.

When you are tea & coffee lovers you will know immediately of what kind of thing you will buy or attact you instantly. Like everything with tea or coffee in it, like book, accessories or anything.

Who are you then? Ms. Tea or Ms. Coffee? or both?


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